From the dough up to the filling there are many secrets and passion to create a delicious pizza. The preparation of pizza at stores is a whole art. Crispy handmade dough, fresh-cut vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, best quality cheeses and meats, and exclusive herbs create wonderful, delicious pizza and not only.

At you will find our delicious crepes, which can satisfy even the most demanding customer, due to their wonderful flavors and taste, so it’s a sin that only few can resist. The art of baking and spinning along with our recipe are the secrets of our success. We suggest special combinations of flavors to make for the “fillings”, such as Nuttela with chestnut jam, sprinkled with walnuts and “dipped” with the fantastic (wonderful) scent of Grand Marnier. is a place where you can enjoy freshly prepared crepes whatever your craving, at any time of the day. You also have the ability obviously, to choose your own materials and create your own crepe with a little imagination.

Furthermore at many other proposal waiting for you, club sandwiches, peinirlis, calzones, hot dogs, and freshly baked baguettes. Also, for those who care for their diet and not only, we provide fresh salads with the wildest variety of dressings, wraps and many natural choices for vegans.

Realistic prices focus in today’s reality, without tricks of “discounts” on the initial prices resulting in more expensive solutions. Our special offers are daily on specific menus.
Our pizza family believes on customer’s satisfaction and invest in our ingredients to ensure that we always give you the finest quality pizza and crepe.








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